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Envergex News:

Welcome to our new website! We will adding information
about our products and services here.  Please send us an
email at info@envergex.com. We would love to hear your

We are presenting at the Air Quality VII Conference in
Arlington, VA on October 29, 2009. The paper is on a
Laboratory Study for Separation of Mercury in Wet Flue Gas
Desulfurization Systems.  
Who Are We?

Envergex LLC is a green energy company.

We are creating new products that address challenges related
to effective energy utilization, carbon footprint reduction and
environmental impact mitigation. Our company is based on
innovative ideas and creative people building products which
support the need for environmentally responsible energy
generation and use.
What Do We Do?

Envergex’s products include:
  • Carbon-based sorbents for reducing mercury emissions
    from coal-fired power plants, cement manufacturing and
    waste-to-energy facilities

  • Alternate fuels for reducing carbon dioxide emissions
    from energy-intensive operations

We also offer engineering and consulting services to
customers looking to reduce their mercury and pollutant